1)  The "Rudolph Valentino Awards" honour great cinema characters. Divided into two complementary categories, one for lifetime achievement and another for performances in a given year, they are held annually.

2)   The "Rudolph Valentino Lifetime Awards", consisting of three gold statuettes sculpted by Aurelio Mortet, go annually to an actress, an actor and director who like Valentino have reached the pinnacle of international success, establishing themselves as unforgettable characters of cinema art.

3)   The "Rudolph Valentino Awards For The Year", consisting of six silver statuettes, go annually to actresses, actors and directors who have created and brought success to particularly significant characters in the context of films shown in Italy or abroad during the previous year.

4)   The bodies in charge of the "Rudolph Valentino Awards" are the Presidency, the Artistic Board, the International Jury of International Film Critics wich assigns the awards and the Honorary Jury comprising those individuals who have received a "Rudolph Lifetime Valentino Awards"

5)   It is a condition of the"Rudolph Valentino Lifetime Awards" and the "Rudolph Valentino Awards For The Years " that they be accepted in person by the winner at the awards ceremony. Only in cases of force majeure can acceptance be postponed to the following year but not beyond that.

6)  Upon consulting with the Jury and the Artistic Board, the Presidency may assign a ""Special Rudolph Valentino Award"" in exceptional circumstances.